Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to My Confessional

Each of us, no matter how driven in certain pursuits which capture our fancy, no matter how valiantly we excel in the areas which matter most to us, has a motivational Achilles heel lodged somewhere in our existence. This is an area of our lives in which we are absolutely without motivation. We look about us, and there is none to be had. We look within, nothing. Despite the best of intentions, we are unable to harness Motivation for the particular task or set of endeavors, throwing our lassoes hard in her direction as she gallops past. We usually swallow dust and hide in secret misery over that one particular failing. We do well at this portion of our lives ONLY in fits and starts. The people close to us cheer long and loudly when they see us rise, like a Phoenix from the ashes of our torpor. This powers us along for a moment. Next moment, disaster...usually the start of a cycle; downfall, temporary shame, anger, indifference, denial, (sometimes belligerence), pride, secret shame, open shame and, alas (this is exhausting, isn't it) defeat. Then comes the glorious overcoming, loudly cheered....and, as the enthusiasm wanes in our own hearts, the dread cycle starts anew. My particular private hades of failure is HOUSEWORK.

The tender roots of this horrid stronghold began as a child when, in response to a parent's calls for a chore to begin, I would hide, stockstill behind the bed or other large object, like a wild animal attempting to blend. Once found, I would object, then set about grudging doing dishes or whatever was asked. THIS WAS BORING. I hated it with a fervor that frightens me, in retrospect. I was a good student and enjoyed many other forms of work. I have always been puzzled by my hatred of the broom, metaphorically speaking.

This blog is intended to chronicle my rise from the swamps of a motivational quagmire. I will attempt to make you laugh at my shortcomings and offer you hope through scripture and personal experience. You may even feel better about yourself after reading about me! Please feel free to offer ANY quick-clean/organizing tips as we go!


  1. Cleaning machine *snort* Looking forward to this adventure!

  2. "Cleaning machine" Battles...

    I guess that makes me Lynn "Couch Potato" Mitchell. ROFL!

    I tried to follow your blog, but the follow button didn't work...poo!